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The Bindery serves content creators.

We work closely with authors to set ambitious goals, shape their book ideas, polish content, and build a strategy, long before anything goes to a book editor or publisher for review. Put simply, we guide authors through every step of the publishing process, from inspiration to bookshelf.

Currently, we represent authors in the categories of General Nonfiction, Commercial Fiction, Religion, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Biography & Memoir, Pop Culture, Business & Leadership, Spiritual Growth, Christian Spirituality, and more.

We are especially relentless when it comes to finding the right publishing home for our authors. As the journey is long, choosing the right people to go with you is of critical importance. Publishing is a commitment and our goal is to make the experience rewarding for each of our clients.

In addition to representing writers and authors, The Bindery also consults with businesses and organizations on publishing strategy, and develops highly-specialized book projects, offering a variety of boutique publishing options.

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ALEXANDER FIELD, Principal & Founder

Alex Field
launched The Bindery in 2017 after 18 years working in book publishing and journalism. Prior to starting The Bindery, he served as Vice President and Publisher for two imprints of Penguin Random House, largest publisher of trade books in the English-speaking world.

After college he began his career at Los Angeles Times, assisting in the Calendar section, and writing dozens of freelance pieces and news reports. Since then, he's worked in journalism and book publishing for nearly two decades, writing, editing, acquiring books, and managing teams including editorial, marketing, publicity, design, production, subsidiary rights, and contract departments. He has written for many outlets including the Los Angeles Times, Relevant Magazine, and Writer’s Digest, among many others.

He has published a number of New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers and many award-winning books, with beloved authors, celebrities, leaders, and media luminaries.

Field grew up on the beaches of Southern California. Today he and his family live along the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.


Literary Representation

The Bindery serves content creators seeking publication for their stories and ideas. We work closely with our authors to chart an overall career path, dive deep into the heart of their content, provide guidance and feedback at every level, and ultimately, find a publishing home.

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Publishing Strategy

The Bindery consults with businesses and organizations seeking to build a robust publishing strategy for their content or intellectual property, or align their publishing business with their overall organizational goals.

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Book Development

The Bindery works with those seeking to create unique, customizable book projects inside or outside of the traditional publishing model, requiring high-end editorial work, customized design, format and packaging consultation, platform development, as well as printing support.

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The Bindery's home for book publishing content  and advice from the world of publishing.


To query The Bindery about literary representation e-mail your book proposal to info@thebinderyagency.com along with a cover letter. Please include a clear summary of your book concept, table of contents (primarily for nonfiction), author biography, at least two sample chapters, relevant contact information, and your publishing history. You are welcome to attach a full book proposal, and feel free to include sample chapters in the body of the e-mail itself, following your query letter. We will review every submission. However, if you have not heard back from us after 10-12 weeks have passed, please consider our response to be a "pass."

For more information on creating a book proposal, check out the article "The Anatomy of a Compelling Book Proposal," for more detailed information about the most critical elements to include.